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Is math your favourite subject or your most hated topic? Algebra,Triogonometry, geometry, logic, vien & set diagram all made fun and easy

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Science / Math

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nick Nikunja
country India
languages English, English, Oriya


I have got an teaching experience of 5 years, i have made students learn and solve critical problems not only in their subjects but also in their day to day life.

With my education of Masters in business administration in Finance and Information technology, I have got wide experience into almost all subjects like Science (physics, Chemistry, Biology), mathematics, Statistics and business aspects as well. I have made these subjects easy to learn and have fun as you see those problems you face in day to day life.

With my course in depth you start get confident, smart and outwit rest of the crowd excelling in life.

Let's get started.



Experience: 5 years

About me

Hello, I am Nikunj from India,


"The best Math teacher I ever came across in my life, if you want improve your problem solving skills fast try this one!" ~ Sam (USA)

So far my teaching experience, i learnt that students do not like maths, primarily they focus on solution rather on problem, all depends on approach.

It's easier it is to practice Maths when you enjoy the solving equations.

Interactive Maths with Niks - this method works!  
(for intermediate and advanced Math students)

Choose a date and time from your available time to tell me about it when we meet.

1) Interactive Problem solving skills.

2) Read the materials uploaded in media

3) tell me about the doubts, get your doubts clear and there you go.

I can assure you will feel confident about the topics learnt here with me. You can outwit your fellow students and share my experience and skill too. My materials have been shared to students across world with interesting ideas everytime. There are fascinating skills to solve problems on many subjects.  You will learn more in 30 minutes with this method, than an hour of conversation with other methods! 

Choose a date and time to get set go to learn new ways to solve easily in minutes.


Masters in Business administration (Western International University, Phoenix, USA)