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American English Speaker - 8 years English Teaching: Business English, Situational, Daily, IELTS, TOEFL

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nick Allie.S
country Philippines
languages English


Experience: 8 years

About me

Hi! I am Allie from Virginia, USA.

Nice to meet you here in Buddy School!

I have been teaching English for about 7 years. I do face-to-face and online teaching.

I teach in different levels and ages. I teach all the English skills – Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. I focus in improving their Spoken English skills – correcting their pronunciation, right choice of words and expressions and proper grammar usage.

I teach Business English as well as to help them improve their workplace conversation skills and also in writing business emails.

Nowadays, more and more students express their interest in studying or working abroad like in USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. So, high IELTS and TOEFL results are needed. I help them prepare to these standardized tests and guaranteed 100 % passing and high scores are obtained.

Most of my students would say that I am very patient, encouraging, very supportive and passionate in teaching. I think I am! J

I love working with students who are very hardworking, friendly and diligent thus motivated to improve their English skills.

I am fully aware of the difficulties students are facing in studying the English language. Working for a long time as an English teacher made me developed individualized, practical and effective learning methods students can utilize to ensure that their goals are met.

I believe that learning should be an enjoyable and stimulating process. When you are learning, you are in fact creating a new and enhanced self! You gain confidence! Isn’t it amazing?

I am truly looking forward to sharing and learning with you.

Feel free to contact me! My skype id is: ms.chiqui888

Talk with you soon!