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General Biology, Genetics, Molecular biology ,A&P,Microbiology, Ecology, Evolution, Zoology, Biochemistry,Physiology

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Science / Biology & Medicine

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nick Iloveteaching
country India
languages Bengali, English


I am a P.hD researcher with both National and internation research publ;cations, I completed my Masters form the University of Calcutta In India and since then have been actively engaged in research and teaching.I am a lecturer by professions, teaching in a college for the past 17 years with extensive experience in teaching all grades and typs of students  .I also mentor college grade and High School grade studetns in US, UK and Canada as well as numerous students  in India  through online consultation.
 I am an awardee of  Sir J..Bose Fellowship for research on cell ultrastructure  and have been awarded both certificate of Honor and Excellence by the University of Calcutta
Besides, I have my own blog and website dedicateed to teacing and biological sciences and am an ardent nature lover and photographer.


Experience: 18 years

About me

I can provide you with crystal clear concept and mentoring  in almost all areas of Biological sciences ..Please mail me all your questions at and I shall  get back to you .

 I can help you with .com and I shall geet back to you basic topics, in Genetics, I can help you to get accustomed with basic genetics, Mendellian genetics to Structure and function of DNA, episomes, plasmids, genetic engneering, splicing --you name it! I can also make you an expert in calculating gene frequencies, pedigree analysis, autosomal and recessive traits, . Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium problems, and concepts , incomplete and complete dominanace, penetrance, bood group genetics ,RII mapping, genetic maps, etc. In microbiology I can help you with  ,classifications stainings,, problems, case studies,medias,  tests, differences,--right from the Bergy's manual. and elsewhere. In areas of A and P I can do justice to all  your identification, learning the different physiological processes., their biolchemical outcomes, anatomical structures and their names, positions, etc. I shall also include courses on  matter , structure of matter and atoms, enyzyme s, kinetics . you may seek help in Zoology (vertebrate, invertebrates, cladistics, classifications, evolution of life etc) in Ecology,. ethology etc.I am a very result oriented, dedicated and student friendly mentor  and believe that the studetnt's success brings me the greatest happiness. I can also help you with dissertaiton papers, research papers, thesis wiritng, lab reports etc