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Conversation Practice, TOEFL Test Prep, Intermediate-Advanced Levels

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nick rlangley
country Mexico
languages English


Portland State University, Portland OR, USA - Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies 2013

SIT TESOL English Certification Course - 2014

I have been teaching English classes, specifically Advanced, TOEFL prep, and Conversation course in Oaxaca, Mexico for one year. I was certified to teach English through the SIT TESOL program, which applies a rigorous teacher training with practice and observed classes in order to insure that the teachers properly trained to aid in English learning. 

Approa ch to teaching English as a second language:

My teaching approach is rooted in complete immersion into the English language for students of all levels. Within this approach I introduce grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills to students through conversation and real life context. I follow the approach which I have been trained to use in both my TESOL certification course and in my school over the past year. This method allows for students to enter into an hour-long class and be automatically in an English-only setting. Each lesson new vocabulary and use of grammar will be introduced through primarily verbal examples and practiced in multiple forms in order to insure the fluency of the new knowledge before it is seen or practiced in its written form. I believe that this method allows more confidence in the student's speech and leads them to a more fluid conversational level of speaking. As students build on their level of speech they will also practice exercises of listening, reading, and writing in order to be prepared to enter into an English speaking country or university, or simply be able to enjoy books, music, podcasts, etc. in the English language. While new grammatical usage and vocabulary is introduced the students will constantly recycle and review the earlier lessons that they have previously learned.

Experience: 3 years

About me

TOEFL Preparation: In my classes I can offer help with students preparing for TOEFL by working with their specific needs (in Grammar, Reading, Listening, Writing, and Oral) and improving their English so that they may achieve the scores that they need on the TOEFL. 

Conversation Practice: I also offer to work with students on practicing their fluency in conversation and expanding their vocabulary, use of slang, and correcting grammar usage. Depending on their level of English to begin with this may also include lessons on correct verb usage as well as practice with listening.

Intermediate-Advanced Levels: I will work with Intermediate and Advanced students to expand their knowledge of the verb tenses, grammar structures, and their vocabulary. We will assess the level of the student from the beginning and their specific needs and work to build on these. 

Please schedule a test lesson with me or send me a message so that we may discuss your needs as a student and how we will come to meet them!