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Modern History. Beginning to Advanced

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Humanities / History

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nick Cherryrichard40
country United States
languages English


I am a lover of history who wishes to be a future historian after college.

I was the most sought after tutor in my high school due to my incredibly high history scores and my general love for history.

Although I never got a degree in history (tutoring never paid), I have a very great interest in history, with plenty of experience and knowldege to compete with someone who has a degree.

My ability to teach history is based entirely on wanting to go to college.

It was for extracurricular activity which would enable me to get a better standing in college. I did try to go to college only to figure out that I cannot afford it.

Many of the students in my school struggled with history and thus it was my role to bring their grades up.

Most of the students who studied under me, have received a 40% increase on their tests, making it about an 80%.

The type of techniques that was necessary for this was flash cards, early assessments, lesson plans, and a little bir of empathy with what they were struggling with.

Each lesson I have made has left me many questions that needed to be addressed when we met next time, making sure that what they have learned stays in their head.

To make sure I go to college and make this my dream, I hope to offer my services and get paid for it.. Choose what you are struggling in and I will help you from the beginning.

Experience: 10 years

About me

I can go for any subject generally or more specifically, focusing on things that have shaped us the most to a specific time, its actual history, society, culture, and technology.

My most experienced expert subjects are the French Revolution, American history, anything related to the Cold War on both sides, and post Cold War history.

I will help you with the characters, nations, events, ideologies, and the political and cultural history that shaped our lives. You choose whatever subject you struggle with the most in the free lesson and I will put together a lesson for you.

Each lesson will be unique and teach you some things that will wow your teachers and test reviewers during your academic career.

Besides the subjects above, I teach European history and Middle Eastern history of any era or subject. Anyone of any education level can learn from me.