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nick kate2015
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I am a very patient and friendly teacher and I am very easy to talk to, especially when talking with students who may be shy to open up at first. I teach Russian from absolute beginner up to conversational Russian and help people with pronunciation and give them a place to practice Russian with a native teacher.

If you are a beginner, that's great :) We will learn from the basics.

If you are advanced, my lessons are usually us talking and practicing using Russian. We will talk about many different subjects and current events to help learn new vocabulary and practice correct word usage and sentence structure.

No matter what your level of Russian is, I look forward to chatting with you soon.


K ate


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Experience: 2 years

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My Hello, my name is Kate and thank you for clicking on my profile.

I am from Moscow, Russia and my native language is Russian. I am currently living and enjoying the relaxed and diverse lifestyle Koh Samui Thailand has to offer. 

I love to travel - I've traveled to many countries and I really enjoy meeting people of different nations and immersing in different cultures. 

I am a native Russian speaker but also speak English very well. I am currently living in Thailand where I teach Russian part-time to some adults for different purposes (school, working, business).

If you’re interested in Russian language lessons with me please let me know (approximately) what language level you are (how much you’ve studied and where), as well as your language goals (what do you want to improve/what do you aim to achieve) so that I can prepare relevant language learning material that best suits your needs.