Let's Talk Energy! Waste, Solar, Wind, Biofuel, Hydrogen

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nick Flaregas
country Canada
languages English


I earned my Bachelor of Science / Microbiology at the U. of Saskatchewan. Water chemistry was my area of interest.  

I joined a National railway and spent the next 17 years working across Canada as an Locomotive engineer and Environmental Manager, often managing project groups from 3 to 15 people.   

After finishing with the railway I incorporated the GreenElectric Group of Companies.  We set up Research and Development operations and spent several years in technology development.  

Our years if research work led to deployment of flare gas conservation technologies, hydrogen combustion enhancement technology, and other energy technologies.

I was responsible for national and international business development.  We have projects in Africa, USA and Canada.

If you work in any of these industries, or are interested in discussion within these topics, I am available for our mutual discussions and exchange.

Experience: 20 years

About me

For 20 years we have been developing energy technoloies in our Research and Development centre.  These efforts have resulted in energy projects in Canada, United States and West Africa.  Converting flared gas to energy; by-products of biofuel manufacturing converted to electricity; Solar farms; VAWT; and treatment of tailing ponds water are subjects of interest,  

Join me for discussions on a variety of energy related subjects.  I am a natural English speaking Canadian.  Having been born and university educated in Canada, I can help you to improve your English conversational skills while having interesting dialogue about sustainable energy, the impact of our structure on the environment and other science / energy related topics.  

Talking to an English speaking Canadian and discussing subjects of interest at the same time, is a fantastic way to improve your English language skills.