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Hindi_For_You (An Exotic Language Awaits You)

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nick rattan.ajeev
country India
languages Dogri, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit


I am masters as of my degree or qualification in computers. As of my experience of the language, I have 8 years of experience, teaching/tutoring kids and the aged as well. I love this work from my schooling time. Besides this as a native speaker, my entire life has experience of this language.


I started tutoring/exchanging language, online, few months back on different portals. Now a days I am tutoring Hindi to the students and professionals from Spain, UK, USA, Peru, Madagascar and Greece.


Experience: 8 years

About me

Hello Students. My name is Ajeev Rattan. I am a native Hindi speaker living in India. I know Hindi, Punjabi and some other Indian local languages. I can teach you Hindi with all aspects (reading/writing/speaking) very easily in my own way.   Teaching Approach:

No language is a foreign language. Its only because we have lived, grown up in that society, so that language becomes our native. Its just a skill and anybody can develop it. I try to create a very friendly and exciting environment that helps students learning fast and easily. Besides this, i have some special means for those who are really SERIOUS towards the language learning. I give my atmost to teach the students with extra exam classes as well that i do not charge for. 


For learners i am always available. Their queries are always welcomed and get solved at any time. I can offer daily or weekly classes, individual/group as required by the students.


I can give you free trial class as and when demanded. Hope to have good students and friends here. See you soon. Thank you