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nick alaoui0405
country Morocco
languages Arabic, English, French


I hold a Bachelor degree from Mohammed V Universit y of law in Rabat Morocco. I have been tutoring French over twenty years through conversation, comprehension, reading, listening and speaking. I tutor for all purposes: For vacations, schooling, for business, for pleasure, and for whatever else you would like to learn.
Online classes can be utilized from the comfort of home.. Your location does not matter.
Lessons are relaxed and informal but very concise. No matter your age or skill level, with patience, focus, and a big smile, I'll turn you into a fluent French or  speaker in no time.   My method:
So much depends on what your goals are, and that's why I'll respond to your specific needs and interests. No lesson is the same and I don't reach for the "here's one I prepared earlier" that may well have worked well for someone else, but won't work for you. We will explore together a combination of conversation, grammar and reading, as well as text books, things we find online and selected articles of particular interest to you. This flexibility and level of individual consideration is why private tutoring with an efficient tutor is such a great way to learn.
Learning a language is a commitment. This is a challenging course - not for quitters or whiners. And you get homework. But you will learn to speak French at the end.

Experience: 20 years

About me

A fluent second language will equip you with a level of easy multi-cultural dealings, greater tolerance and understanding, influence and opportunity, in your personal lives and in your careers. 

I have been tutoring for almost twenty years, and I currently teach and tutor one-on-one and online via Skype or phone during late afternoons, evenings and weekends.

So much depends on what your goals are, and that's why I'll respond to your specific needs and interests.

I can help you study everything from pronunciation to grammar.

 Tutoring Levels:

 Level 1:

You only know the alphabet, and you can't write or speak a word yet. Not a problem, we can go through the basics to get you comfortable.After the first lesson, you'll already know how to have a simple conversation (introduce yourself, ask for directions or order a dish for instance.

 Level 2:

You can speak the few sentences that you remember from school, but not enough to feel at ease across the pond. Key grammatical points will be covered, ensuring that both your vocabulary and linguistic skills are prepared for any debate you may encounter in French .

 Level 3:

Your level is quite acceptable and you can speak without looking for words every other second, but you need to perfect it. You want to go deeper into the language, as it is very important in French to vary vocabulary for the same idea. Also, you'll need to learn how to avoid common grammar mistakes than even native French speakers do (a lot!).

 If you are looking to learn or improve your vocabulary & grammar, I can also tutor you in a natural and enjoyable way without the need for memorization and tedious homework by using a step-by-step short repetitions method which parallels the way you learned your own language as a child. I will provide materials for you to practice in between our sessions. I encourage you to choose personal areas of interest though which we can get you to acquire a command of the French language

If you need immediate assistance for a test or homework, translation and summary, I can work with you for short term as well and assist you within a very short notice.

 I hope you will find French easier, and more enjoyable with me !.

 Discover the most fun and effective way to learn French !

Conversation + Pronunciation = Confidence

  Skype ID: Samir Alaoui Slimani