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nick tesl786
country India
languages Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Urdu


1. Diploma In Mechanical Engineering

2. As sociate Examination of the Institute of Structural Engineers, India.

3. 4 year Graduate Program in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

4. 2 year Post Graduate Program in Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

5.&nb sp;MBA in Human Resources Management.< /strong>

6. Ph D in Mechanical Engineering

< strong>Research Paper: Failure of Lap joint in the Tank Bottom plate.

< strong>7.  ;Certified TEFL Teacher. (Teaching English as Foreign Language) from London Teacher Training Colloege, UK
< /strong>

8.& nbsp;NVQ Assessor Award D32/33 , from royal society of Arts, UK.

< strong>9.  NVQ Verifier Award D34 from  Engineering and Marine Training Authority, UK.
< /strong>

10. NVQ Level-4, Learning and Development from Engineering and Marine Training Authority, UK.

< strong>11. Tutoring On Line- Level-3, awarded by City and Guilds, UK,

< strong>12. Certified Welding Educator fro american Welding society.

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& nbsp;


Experience: 25 years

About me

I am a Certified TEFL Teacher (Teaching English as foreign Language) from London Teacher Training College, London, UK. I am also a Certified ON LINE TUTOR from City and Guilds, London, UK. I am also a Certified Teacher TESL Teacher (Teaching English as Second Language, from ALISON, Ireland. I use the best Pedagogies in teaching ISESOL (International Speaking English for Speakers of Other Languages)
I provide training in English language skills and prepare the Engineering students for the exams of TOEFL, IESOL, ISESOL, IELTS, CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH. I use the best Pedagogy in teaching classes. I use multimedia, PPTs, and emails in my online lessons. I have more than 40 years of experience, in which 25 years as Teacher of English and Technical subjects. I taught English and technical subjects to Arab students, Indonesians, Azheries, Indians, Philipines, Pakistanies, Africans, etc., I worked in India, Oman, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Now Iam working as a Professor in Mechanical Engineering in an Engineering college