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nick seeach
country Pakistan
languages English, Punjabi, Urdu


Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization
  1. Site Analysis and Finding issues related to search engine algorithms.
  2. Google Analytics and Webmasters tools with web operation management.
  3. Keyword analysis and competitor analysis
  4. Building quality links to increase the back links of a web site.
  5. Lead research and development into industry best practice standards.
  6. Analyze campaign performance for increased opportunities of advancement.
  7. Negotia te marketing opportunities to maximize exposure within budgeting constraints.
  8. Develop and monitor analytic reports and identify key performance indicator success.
  9. Developing new strategies for site and product promotion.
  10. Using & working with Free and paid Tools to save time and perform more precise.
  11. Working on different Social platforms such as FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ etc.

P PC Marketing – Google Ad words

ü  Setting up ad words campaigns for projects

ü  Defining goals – Researching competitors – Keyword Research – optimizing landing pages – Split testing.

ü  Creating Effective PPC Ad Copy

ü  PPC Bid Management

ü  ; Try to improve the Quality Score and CTR of the Overall campaign and also of different ads

ü  Constantly backtracking/checking the Performance and ROI of the Google Ad word campaign.

Team or Project Management
  1. Ethical, positive leader with a motivational style, flexible attitude, and extreme attention to detail.
  2. Represent the corporation within industry events, while enhancing brand equity & perception.
  3. Intense focus and strong people skills, with the ability to build consensus and loyalty.
  4. Creative ability to resolve complex issues in effective ways according to business value and company goals.

Technologies & Networking Skills

  1. Build advanced Excel decision models such as; projects, scheduling, inventory, and resource allocation: binary, linear, and, integer format.
  2. Lead web initiatives for servers, hosting, administration, and platforms.
  3. Analyze decision support systems for opportunities of higher performance allocation.
  4. Negotiat e opportunities for increased performance in hardware and software markets.
  5. Completed different courses of basic computer hardware, MCSE and RHCE.
  6. < li>Hands on experience to manage Different Linux and Window Servers.

Better knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP Wordpress

Experience: 8 years

About me

  • Digital Marketing Specialist with 8 years overall experience of SEO/PPC and Social Media.
  • Professional having different skills with team and individual working environment.
  • Information technology strengths: search algorithms, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, web development and networking protocols.
  • Good knowledge of Internet protocols and World Wide Web.
  • Networking skills to resolve issues within the office at normal level and understands the Advance wireless technologies.
  • Corporate strategist specializing in web team management, outsourcing, and web analysis.
  • Profound knowledge of promoting and advertising Static and Dynamic websites and products through various inbound marketing techniques.
  • Sufficient Knowledge of Promoting and Ranking Mobile Apps