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General English (CELTA) from Native Speaker of British English (Oxford Trained), Medical English (MD) / Scientific English (PhD)

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nick DrSSteele
country United Kingdom
languages English


I am a native speaker of British English and I have 8 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language on a one to one basis at the Oxford Intensive School of English, United Kingdom. Accordingly I have prepared students and professionals from all over the world for a range of examinations requiring General English. As a MEDICAL DOCTOR and SCIENTIST my specialities are Medical English and Scientific English. I have published an EFL/ESP book in Medical and Scientific English.

Because of my classical training and experience I have a good understanding of phonology, grammar, lexis and function, together with their appropriate use in work and social environments. I use this understanding to make the English in my tutorials as accurate as possible.

Having spent most of my career as an educator I fully appreciate the challenge involved in learning a new language and respect and support my student’s efforts.


Qualifications / Certificates

I have a CELTA certificate as well as my original TEFL training. In addition to tutoring General English,  I am a fully trained scientist (BA and Doctorate, Oxford University, UK) and Medical Doctor (BM BCh, Oxford University Medical School, UK). Doctors, medical students and scientists who wish to improve their English find my experience and qualifications very helpful and allow me to specialize in these technical and demanding areas. 


Teaching Approach

The purpose of the teaching is to advance the student’s English and I use a wide range of approaches to help me achieve this. Accordingly, my favoured approach is an eclectic methodology that gives the student plenty of variety in the learning tasks. In addition, all lessons involve the subskills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.

The lessons usually begin with a context to introduce the core learning material and a theme that runs throughout the lesson. At some point in the lesson more relaxed tasks are given to the student to allow a personalized and self-directed productive use of the language. Students enjoy this opportunity to improve their fluency and accuracy.

As a result of continuous monitoring, feedback is given to the student throughout the lesson. This allows the student to learn and improve because there is clarity in the teaching.

My belief is that all students are capable of learning English and meeting their linguistic objectives. As a tutor it is my privilege and my pleasure to be able to aid you in achieving success.


Experience: 9 years

About me

Hello! I was born and brought up in London and have always excelled at languages and loved to teach even before I knew I was a natural teacher. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language since I was a student at Oxford University, UK because I found it to be fun. I like to make my students laugh and I like to think that I learn as much from them as they do from me. The best thing about teaching is helping the student to successfully achieve their personal or career linguistic ambitions. Part of being a good teacher is finding out exactly what the specific needs are of the student. I am happy to help.

(Please note that I am only available for teaching if I have advertised scheduled sessions).