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nick fhuether
country Germany
languages Danish, English, German, Icelandic, Spanish, Swedish


I studied a Magister in Scandinavian Studies and German for seven years at Frankfurt university (the Magister belonged to the old system before the implementation of Bologna and equals a Master) and graduated in 2014.

During my studies I learned Swedish, Danish and Icelandic (also Old Norse and Dutch) and had several longer stays in the North. I participated in language courses in Sweden, Denmark and Iceland and in Iceland I also worked as an aupair and studied Icelandic at Reykjavík University with help of a scholarship of the Icelandic Government.

I have many years of experience in teaching; I started giving extra lessons in German, English, Maths etc. very early, both in private and for a professional institution. During my studies I gave tutorials at university in Old Norse and Modern Scandinavian Literature.

For the last years now I´ve been giving lectures in Danish, Swedish and Icelandic, both in person in via Skype. I have teached students of very different levels, some of them on a regular basis like once a week, others in form of intensive-courses for one or several weeks.

Just resently I worked as Dialogue Coach for goal keeper legend Oliver Kahn who needed to speak Danish in a commercial.

Experience: 4 years

About me


my name is Franzi and I'd love to help you learn Danish!

My teaching approach:

I think the most important thing when learning a new language is to get used to it's sound and character from the beginning and hear and talk it as much as possible. I try to use the mother tongue only if really necessary and do all the rest in the language to be learned. Even if you are absolute beginners I will give instructions like "Please open your book on page X", "For homework please do xxx" first in the new language before I repeat it in English.

A lot of the common phrases are easy to grasp out of context even without knowing them before, especially if you hear them regularly. I will also try to let you get the meaning of words using language relations - even if they are quite different, English and the Scandinavian languages have a common background that can often help you understand things.

I want the student to talk a lot, more often than me of course, so we are going to read and have a lot of dialogues; I'll ask questions, let them ask questions, discuss etc. There's a lot of repetition to memorize the basic and most important structures.

I also deal with cultural elements from the first lesson on. This starts with listening to songs and checking the lyrics, reading about traditions, food culture, holidays and more.
Later we'll read newspapers and authors, listen to TV, radio, short movies...

Pronunciation and listening comprehension of course are very important parts, too and will be trained regularly in class and homework, for example with help of videos and CDs.

In general the teaching depends a lot on the individual student since naturally I adjust it to his or her needs, special interests and time. I will have a different approach if you simply want to learn Danish because of personal interest or if it serves a specific purpose like going to Denmark to study or work.


We can do 45-, 60- or 90-minute-classes or even longer with small breaks, however it is most convenient for you.

Trial lessons
Unfortunately I can't offer free trial lessons at the moment, since it has happened to often that I prepared the lesson and waited, but the student never appeared. I'm sorry for that and hope you understand.

For any more questions, please contact me and I´ll be happy to answer!