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nick pratikpadia01
country India
languages English, Hindi, Rajasthani


I am a graduate from St. Xaviers College with specialisation in Finance & Accounting. I have also completed my Secreterial Course under Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Currently I am pursuing my Chartered Accountancy course with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

I have fairly large amount of knowledge (theoritical as well as practical) on the topics related to Finance and Accounting. I can also help with risk analysis mechanisms and forecasting techniques such as the Monte Carlo Simulation  used by large companies such as GE, Walmart etc.

Experience: 3 years

About me

Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Time Value of Money (Future Value of a Single/Multiple Flows, Future Value of an Annuity, Present Value of Single/Multiple Flows, Present Value of an Annuity), Risk and Return (Sources of Risk, Measurement of Total Risk, Measurement of Beta, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Case Studies), Cost of Capital(Cost of Debentures, Cost of Preference Capital, Cost of Equity Capital, Cost of Retained Earnings and External Equity, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Historical Weights, and Specific Cost), Capital budgeting and Project Analysis (Preliminary Screening, Types of Capital Budgeting Decisions, Cash Flows Vs Accounting Profits, Payback Period, Accounting/Average Rate of Return (ARR), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index Method / Benefit Cost Ratio, Why NPV leads to a better Investment Criteria, Performance Review, and Case Studies), Working Capital Management(Nature of Working Capital, Objective of Working Capital Management, Choosing the Pattern of Financing, Factors affecting Composition of Working Capital, Operating Cycle, Permanent and Temporary Working Capital, Computation of Working Capital, Estimation of Current Assets, Estimation of Current Liabilities, Working Capital Financing, Bank Credit, Commercial Paper, and Factoring), Cash Management and Inventory Management(Cash Forecasting and Budget, Efficient Cash Management, Playing the Float, Investment of Surplus Cash, Forms of Liquidity, Liquidity Mix, Optimal Cash Models, Structure and Organisation of Treasury, Measuring Treasury Performance, Cash Management Control, Management of Sundry Debtors, and Credit Policy), Dividend Decisions(Walter Model, Gordon.s Dividend Capitalisation Model, Miller and Modigliani Model (MM Model), Trend Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Inventory Turnover/Stock Turnover Ratio, Capital Turnover Ratio, Average Collection Period Ratio, Cash Flow Statement Ratios, and Debt Ratios), Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)(Market Mechanisms and Conventions, Settlement Dates, Forward Rates Vs. Spot Rates, Discount and Premium, Currency Swaps, Currency Options, and Case Studies), Portfolio Management and Asset Pricing(Activities in Portfolio Management, Factors affecting Investment Decisions, Formulation Of Portfolio Strategy, Use of Derivatives in Equity Portfolio Management, Hedge Funds, Type of Hedge Funds, Strategies of Hedge Funds, and Case Studies)