Genetics and Molecular Biology

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nick Piyali
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi




  • M.Sc. (Applied Microbiology) from Vellore Institute of Technology, location in 2010 with 8.3 CGPA

  • B.Sc . (Chemistry, Microbiology & Genetics) from Garden City College, location, Bangalore University in 2008 with 76%

  • 12th from Sri Krishna Mission School,Isckon Mission, Tripura Board in 2004 with 52%

  • 10th from Sri Krishna Mission School,Isckon Mission, Tripura Board in 2002 with 66%


    Other Course

    • Completed a diploma course on medical genetics in affiliation of Eauclaire Institute USA.



    • Actively took part and presented paper during second annual science symposium on HIV/AIDS 2009 in Chennai

    • P oster presentation in silver jubilee international conference on biotechnological solutions for environmental sustainability in VIT

    • Prese ntation of paper in national conference on biotechnology for human development in VIT



      • Awa rded for Knowledge portal contribution in Quintiles Pvt. Ltd 2012

      • Valu ed with a certificate in Medical Genetics from Eauclaire University, USA

      • Certi fied ICH-GCP for Clinical trials from Barnett International,2014

      Awards and Honours    
      • Achie ved Special Achievement 1 Award for late phase oncology study, 2013 for all the support provided in achieving successful interim transfer and hard work.

      • Ach ieved Applause Award from for oncology Phase 2 study, 2013 for excellent support and tremendous efforts towards the study.

      • Ac hieved Special Achievement 1 Award from for oncology Phase 2 study, 2013 for recognition of fantastic efforts which enabled to meet DSMB IV transfer timelines.

      • < p>Achieved Applause Award from Line Manager for great QQR score for late phase oncology study.

      • Ac hieved Knowledge Portal Recognition Award for participation, 2012

      • Achi eved Applause Award from Line Manager as a token of appreciation for the intellect in detecting the CRA queries for one of Phase 4 oncology studies.

      • Achieved Special Achievement 2 Award for late phase oncology study, 2014 for timely help in handling the query management, listings review.

      • A chieved Special Achievement 1 Award for Late phase oncology study, 2014 for Leadership.



    Experience: 4 years

About me


I am a Post graduate in Applied Microbiology and have done my bachelors in Genetics. I have 4.5 years of experence in working in Multinational companies.I have done a Diploma in Medical Genetics from EuClair University.  I have worked in leading pharmaceutical companies as well as Clinical research organisations.I have completed 6months project in Central food technology research institute (CFTRI), Mysore in cereal based food with spirulina. I have completed a project on Field Studies on Mendelian traits at graduate level in Garden City College, Bangalore, India.

 I can help you out with Genetics and Molecular biology as a whole. I can guide you for entrance exams, company interviews, college courses, PHD theories.I can guide you on how to write a thesis.