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nick grays
country Mexico
languages English, Italian, Spanish


I  am an interpreter, I have lived in Italy for 23 years where I worked as interpreter/translator at Verona Fair (Italy) for 12 years.

 I started to work as Spanish Teacher in a language school at Bassano del Grappa, Italy in 2008.

I partecipate to ELE teacher courses to teach basic, intermediae and advanced levels.

....Ho wever, Beyond methods

Have you ever asked yourself how  do babies learn their mother-tongue language?

I believe, as mother of two girls, that full inmersion and interactive learning are the easier and faster methods to lasting learnings: memory jogger, pictures videos and audios.

I remember when my girls were children and I taught them Spanish while living in Italy. We had a serie of Disney movies all in Spanish, Fairy tails in Spanish. I also used to cook Mexican food and get helped by them to prepare tortillas; all ingredients and cooking methods were absolutely explained  in Spanish.

The piñata was a "must" at their parties and they are used to play "Loteria" Are you interested in Loteria game?  ...Yes! it is a Mexican tradition table game. It all was such an exciting way to learn Spanish!

It can be an opportunity for any foreign student to learn more than a language. Get to know the culture and traditions.

 We, my family and I are used to talk Spanish at home and Italian out of home. They are trilingual today because they learned English at school, and I am very proud to have helped them in their language learning goals.

I would love to help YOU too!

Looking forward to hear from you!


Yo ur Prof. Gema :)


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Experience: 6 years

About me

Hello! I am Gema Jiménez, I am Mexican and I am an Spanish ELE teacher. I have lived in Italy  for 23 years where I have taught Spanish in a prestigious language school for 6 years. I am teaching on line now because I love to help people from all over the world with their Spanish learning goals.

So, no matter where you are, I would love to help you to get to the next level!

My Spanish is from Mexico but I am able to teach Spanish from Spain as I got my certificate in Salamanca. Spain

Le'ts catch on line soon!

I also speak English and Italian