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Arabic grammar

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nick Nesrina
country Tunisia
languages Arabic, English, French


im a specialist in arabic language since 2009 i followed the arabic division of arts and a great experience for me and the most successful where the privilege beacuse i study all the matters arab including history ,geography and civics , philosophy,literary arabic stories and ancient arabic potery .

i took the baccalaureate in 2011 with excellence especially in the arabic language in the analysis of the meanings of arabic stories as well as in the rest of the other materials.

i went the national institue of labor and social law branch , i studied all laws including criminal law and commercail law and insurance law as well labor law and socail security provisions and rescueand law flish , and labor disputes and law of individual and collective relationsin the job . then i spend a period of 3 months experience in labor inspection in tunisia  where i choose the subject of handling between legislation and reality also in the manuipulation of the law in the job especially on the subject of brokerage firms in the labor force .

i graduated in 2013 with honors 17 of 20 .

after graduation i spend 4 month work in a private school , then i spend time studying children in my house i teach them arabic , french,englais


Experience: 2 years

About me

Arabic grammer is the key element to teach the language of the letters to the methode of linking them to form a sentence and also the way you installed them and the actual nominal ones ,and thes rules teach you how to discharge the act to the present and the futur and the past and also thes rules teach you how to write in arbic , this along with many of the topic interest to the arabic language and arbic history