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nick akhileshian
country India
languages English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil


I have graduated of the National Institute of Technology - Trichy, which happens to be in the top five best engineering colleges in India, with a Bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have won awards in many elocution, emtempore and writing competitions in the English language. I have been the topper of my class for many courses in English throughout the duration of my education.

Experience: 2 years

About me

Hi there, I am Akhilesh. I am a fluent conversationalist in English and I want to impart my wisdom to those who need it. Ergo, here I am! I make use of a method similar to the Callan method to teach in order to ensure maximum learning within a given course of time.

Some free advice for my aspiring colleagues out there; IF YOU WANT TO WORK UPON AND IMPROVE YOUR VOCABULARY, YOU GO READ ALL THE LITERATURE THAT YOU CAN LAY YOUR HANDS UPON, as it is the first step towards speaking the language fluently. For everything else, you have to put in more directed efforts. That's where I fit in.

From my experience in the subject, let me tell you one thing; ANYONE CAN LEARN ENGLISH. I not only provide a concise foundation for spoken and written English, specifically targeted at the entrance examinations, but I also make sure that a lot of arrangements in the language are understood by targeting its specific points.

For the beginners: We shall begin with tweaking your grammar and usage. We will then move on to your pronuciation. It will involve reading, speaking and writing as well. At the end of this you shall be able to present yourself very well in the language.

For the intermediates: It is common for you to face problems in higher usages and advanced vocabulary. This shall be tackled through any methods. You will find it easier to grasp what is taught due to your decent/strong basics in the subject.

Resume proofreading/professional communication: Here, the focus will be mostly be on speaking effectively so as to put on a good impression during an interview. We shall begin with ways to converse well and work on a good resume/Statement of Purpose.

Like any other language, it is imperative that time be given to understand the subject carefully. What I ask of you is total dedication and the will to succeed.

Upon completion of the course, you shall be able to read, comprehend and speak the language quite fluently. I hope to get the opportunity to teach you soon. Good luck!