Marketing Managemnet & Business Administration

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nick kamayaojha
country India
languages English, Hindi



  • I am a MBA with 10 years of experience in below filed :
  • A Competent Professional with in-depth experience in Marketing & Communication
  • Planni ng & Executing Marketing Strategies for Brands & products.
  • Experience in handling & planning of Events, Promotions, ATL & BTL activations
  • Independ ently handling Digital Marketing ,websites, social media marketing and SMS/Auto dialer campaigns.
  • Excellent hands-on in new Store launches and hypermarkets.
  • Launch ing Private Labels , maintaining loyalty program.

Experience: 10 years

About me

Part I. An Overview of Marketing Management


1. Marketing and Marketing Management Process

Marketing functions and their characteristics

Marketing’s role - facilitating exchange in society

Marketing institutions

Marketing culture

The marketing management process


2. The Strategic Role of Marketing

Corporate, business and marketing strategies – different issues at different organizational levels

Strategic decisions at the corporate and the business unit level

Marketing implications in business strategies


Part II. Market Opportunity Analysis


1. Analyzing the Marketing Environment

Characteristics of the marketing environment

Critical component of the marketing environment

Strategic environmental issue management


2. Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior

Consumers’ purchasing decisions

The high- and low-involvement decision-making process

Psychological, personal and social influences on consumer decision-making processes


3. Organizational Markets and Buying Behavior

Comparing organizational and consumer markets

Goods and services purchased by organizational buyers

Organizational buying behavior and decision–making processes

The importance and scope of organizational markets


4. Market Segmentation

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Managing segmentation process

Targeting strategies

Positioning decisions


5. Industry and Competitor Analysis

Identification of industry groups and potential competitors

The importance of individual competitor analysis


6. Marketing Research

Market research types and process

Market measurements

Absolute and relative market potentials


Part III. Developing Strategic Marketing Programs


1. Business Strategies, and Marketing Planning

The Marketing Planning Process

The fit between business and marketing strategies


2. Product Decisions

Product classifications

Product quality, branding and packaging

Servicing products

Product-line strategy decisions

The new product strategies


3. Pricing Decisions

Price setting process

Price strategies

Adapting price policies


4. Distribution Decisions

Managing distribution channels

Channels functions

Strategic distribution issues


5. Promotion mix decisions

Promotion programs


Sales force management


Part IV. Implementing Business and Marketing Strategies


1. Business and marketing strategies implementation

Business and marketing strategies implementation issues

Strategy, structure and process

Marketing actions


2. Monitoring and Controlling Marketing Programs

The control process

The marketing audit