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nick mshaw
country United States
languages English


BA History, Ithaca College, Class of 1992

Experience: 2 years

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I am a history major who has come full circle back to his college roots. My interest in history lies from having a father who taught history to elementary students. From there on I gravitated to history as my main subject matter in college. In particular, I most enjoyed learning about American history. What I took away from my history studies and especially from my instructors was that history is best learned by understanding the meaning behind events. Dates have significance, but memorizing a date is not as important as grasping the root cause of an event or events. While in college I taught history majors how to properly format and encapsulate their thoughts for short take home papers (ranging from 2-10 pages). This served me well. My senior thesis was a paper on the cause and effect of the 1967 Six Day Arab-Israeli War.

Flash forward to 2013. I applied my historical curiosity and writing skills to writing a book on the history of the railroads in my town of residence, King of Prussia, PA. The book has been well received. I've sold hundreds of copies to date, garnered numerous highly favorable reader reviews online, and have been featured in local papers and on local TV and radio spots.

My tutoring style is encompassed in the writing of my book. First, I emphasize the formulation of a central point of discussion. If it's about tutoring on writing a paper, a well rounded thesis comes to mind. Or, to tutor one on a particular subject matter, I zero in on analyzing the key points to remember. Each student has their own style and method for learning. As a tutor, I have a responsibility to flush this out and engage in a manner that enables the student to best learn how to conceptualize the historical subject matter.