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Logical Chinese, Based on an etymological method

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nick marcelx12
country Romania
languages Chinese, English, French, Romanian, Russian


I worked as a diplomat in Beijing and I learnt the language there.

Experience: 5 years

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Ni hao, 

Chinese language is very logical, including the character. Below you find a sample of my lessons:







中zhōng, middle. It ressembles an arrow in the middle of an target.

Other words containing the same character:

中学zhōngxué, middle and learn, the meaning is high-school. When you are in highschool you are in middle of your learning, on your way to university.


中文zhōngwén, middle and language, Chinese language. It is actually an abreviation of中国文.

中间zhōngjiān, middle and between, inside an interval interval. The meaning is between, intermediate.


国guó, country. It is created from 王wáng, king and 囗wéi, which is some kind of enclosure, in our case the borders of a kingdom. So, a country is an area with a king.

Other words containing the same character:

国家guójiā, country and home, state.

国王guówáng, country and king. The meaning is king.

外国wàiguó, outside and country. The meaning is foreign.

出国chūguó, to go out and country. The meaning is to leave the country temporarly or to emigrate.


回国huíguó, to circle and country. The meaning is to return to your country.

王子wángzǐ, king and son, the son of the king, the prince.

女王nǚwáng, female and king, queen.

法国fǎguó, law and country, the country of the law, France.

美国měiguó, beautiful and country, the beautiful country, United States.


英国yīngguó, brave and country, the brave country, England.





Other words:

家jiā, home, which is formed from 宀mián, roof and  豕shǐ, a pig. A pig under a roof is the home.

人rén, people

家人jiārén, home and people, family.

大学dàxué, big and learn, the big learning, university.  

说shuō, to speak, which is formed from 讠yán, to speak and 兄xiōng, older brother. The BIG BROTHER is speaking.

好hǎo, good, which is formed from 女nǚ, woman and  子zi, son. A woman with a son is a good think.

我wǒ, I, me, which is created from  手shoǔ, and a short form of钱qián, money. I exist only if I have money in my hand. Without money, other people will look through me. I will become invisible.