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Learn English like a Native speaker and Business person

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nick paisleysmith
country United Kingdom
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I have tutored 4 Koreans English and 2 have been able to work in translating Korean into English and the other 2 have been able to go to University to study business in an English speaking country. 

Experience: 2 years

About me

Hi, I'm Paisley and I am native British English speaker. I studied business management and I myself is opening a business so I can help you achieve from basic conversations to business conversations. I have helped 4 Korean's with English and 2 have went to University one in Australia doing business managment and 1 I recently found out is opening a business in Australia. 


I like to get a basic idea of your English skills already and then go from there. Apart from helping you achieve the level of English you want to achieve I will also focus on helping you feel confident to share your knowledge of English to everyone. Confidence is the key to learning a new language if you don't feel confident it holds you back. If you do feel confident then your learning has no boundaries. 

For conversational English I like to have normal conversations so it's putting yourself in the situation of having normal conversations with a native speaker. We will talk about how to express ourselves and how to talk about experiences in like restaurants, shops, schools etc. We will also go on to talking about TV programs and how to talk about the programs. During each of it I will be listening closely with 50% on your pronunciation and grammar and 50% of wanting to know about those programs and experiences. I will also teach you new grammar and how to make a conversation continue and keep a fluent and natural flow in your speaking. 


For Business English I will first check your level of English and if you are at a level where you can understand and follow business English then I will have worksheets that we will work through part by part so you can understand. We will also talk about famous and successful business people. I will make up businesses and help you notice the flaws and the strong points of each business and help you express how the flaws can be fixed to make a stronger business. I will also help you with speaking in a presentation or meeting and as homework writing a short presentation will be given to help you feel confident enough to make one in English. We will cover as much of business English as you need and want. 

I can help you at any time and can have classes that are booked within in a short time before that class is to take place. I will also give you out of class support and will always be there to help you.