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Hi, I'm Gregory from New York City.  I'm here to help you improve your English.  I'm a native English speaker and have 5 years of full-time experience teaching English.  I also have a Masters degree in TESOL from City College of New York and held a New York State Teacher's License and a New York State Registered Business School Teacher's Certificate.  I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Oral Roberts University, located in Tulsa, OK.

I know that learning a new language can be difficult; in fact, I've been a language learner myself!  I earned a minor in Spanish while in college and also took two years of Koine Greek and a semseter of French.  I've studied abroad in Spain for a summer and have spent over a year living the Dominican Republic.  That's why I always try to create a safe, positive environment for my students to learn, take risks, and have fun.  

Fun is exactly what you'll have when you take my classes!  I'm outgoing and funny and like using popular themes and topics when teaching such as American culture, entertainment, current events, and literature.  If you want to improve your English fluency and learn more about one of your favorite topics, then sign up for one of my classes and I'll see you soon!  

Experience: 5 years

About me

Do you like learning about the Bible?  Do you want to improve your English? If so, then why not do both at the same time?  The purpose of the ESL Bible Class is to increase your English fluency by using a topic which you find equally interesting: the Bible.  Regardless of your personal beliefs, modern culture is filled with Biblical references and during the class, we'll work on developing the following ESL skills:

1. Vocabulary

You'll study important words used in the Bible and learn how to apply them in your everyday life.

2. Pronunciation

You'll learn how to correctly pronunciate many of the imporant words which are used in the Bible and how they are used in your everyday life.

3. Listening

You'll practice listening to passages from the Bible and will learn techniques for improving your comprehension of spoken English.

4. Speaking

You'll practice summarizing important themes taken from the Bible and improve your ability to talk about Biblical and cultural themes.

5. Reading

You'll practice reading important passages from the Bible and will learn techniques on how to improve your reading comprehension skills.

You can use any English written content to improve your language skills; why not use the Bible?  If you want to improve both your English and your understanding of the Bible, sign up for a class today!