Financial Management, Capital/Money Markets, Corporate Finance, International Finance, Investment/Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Business Ethics, Islamic Finance

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Business / Finance & Accounting

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Objective: To acquaint students about the fundamental concepts and policy of managerial finance to enable them to apply rich body of financial theory in corporate decision making and in creating value for shareholders.
Unit I
Financial Management: Nature and scope of finance, nature of financial decisions; financial goal- profit vs. wealth maximization; finance functions- investment, financing and dividend decisions; time value of money, Discounting and Compounding techniques.
Unit II
Capital Budgeting: Nature of investment decisions; investment criteria: net present value, internal rate of return, profitability index, payback period, accounting rate of return; NPV and IRR comparison; capital rationing
Unit III
Cost of capital: Nature and significance of cost of capital; calculation of cost of debt, preference capital, equity capital and retained earnings; weighted coat of capital
Operating and financial Leverage: Measurement of leverages; effect of operating and financial leverage on profit; combined financial leverage and operating leverage.
Unit IV
Capital structure: Concept and approaches of capital structure decisions; NI, NOI, Traditional and M.M. Hypothesis; determinants of capital structure
Dividend decisions: Issues in dividend decisions, theories of dividend; Walter model; Gordon’s model, M-M hypothesis, forms of dividend, factors affecting dividend decision
Unit V
Working Capital: Concept of gross and net working capital, types of working capital; various approaches to working capital management, factors affecting working capital requirement
Working Capital Financing: Sources of short term financing, role of commercial banks in providing working capital; commercial papers; factoring.