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Accelerated Learning & Advanced Memorization

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nick blakejordan
country United States
languages English


Graduate of Marion Military Institute.

University of Alabama (Senior)

Credentials:< /p>

  • Presidential scholarship to the University of Alabama
  • Various Honor Societies (Phi Theta Kappa, Scabbard & Blade, Golden Key, ect.)
  • Regional Marial Arts Champion (Jiu Jitsu)

 < /p>

Experience: 3 years

About me

I provide a wide range of learning and memory techniques to learn any skill in a faster time.

With proven strategies and techniques I will give you concepts to enhance and master any new or existing area of knowledge.

Concepts & Strategies covered in lessons:

  • Memorizing hundreds of items in one sitting (Yes Really)
  • Understanding hard to grasp material
  • New & creative ways at looking at problems and events (cements understanding)
  • Organization of structure and thought to secure holistic thinking
  • Shortening time span to cover material 
  • Increasing Retention of material (905 or above)
  • Macro & Micro problem solving
  • Increased Focus
  • Increased Motivation

Learning through my system will enhance your life and give you the ability to grasp knowledge regardless of the situation.I have studied and been tutored by memorization world champions and speed learners; blending their unique approaches to my own personal system will ensure it is fail proof you learn faster.

My approach will be adapted to your specific needs and Goals. Personalization is key in the approach to make you engaged and the ideas to stick.

I know this sounds fantastical but it is not. I would love to set up a 10 minute test lesson to explain exactly how I am going to accelerate your learning & what it wil look like in the process.

Contact me! I truly love to teach. + it is incredibly addictive once you learn how to learn.

(advanced memorization & accelerated learning applies to all ages)


Personal Testimony:

I struggled with ADHD for years without any hope insight to accomplishing much in school. As a kid who strugled to make B'sin highschool to now being able to remember hundreds of things in one sitting seems miraculous, but it can happen with any one.