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nick williamcfritsch
country United States
languages English, German, Greek, Latin


I have a BA in philosophy and Greek and Latin, MA in classical languages, and pending PhD in philosophy and classics.

Experience: 11 years

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Proofreading I proofread papers based on form and content with the following criteria in mind. For content, I look at the macro issues at work: validity, cogency, avoidance of fallacious reasoning, and soundness. (Some style manuals (e.g., The Chicago Manual of Style 15th ed) refer to this as 'developmental editing'.) I try to return papers with expansive explanations of argument quality in terms of formal and informal inferential structures and lack thereof. I may, for example, point out a false dilemma, an affirmation of the consequent, a straw man, etc and suggest an alternative (e.g., modus ponens in the case of an affirmation of the consequent, a qualified dilemma in place of a false one). Returned papers reflect how soundness and cogency unfold only after claims fall into an intelligible form organized “so as to be a composition neither headless nor footless, bearing both middle and extremities proper to each other and to the whole” (Pl. Phaedrus 264C3-5). Besides proofreading based on content, I also copyedit. Proofread documents demonstrate attention to every word contained. This includes the body of the paper, tables (e.g., tables of contents, figures, authorities), illustrations, citations, statistics, cross references, quotations, section and page numbers, and general consistency. I edit spelling (plurals, compounds, possessives, a/an, italics), punctuation (apostrophes, capitalization, colons, commas, question marks, semicolons), pronoun use, diction (use of idioms, cliches, connotations, denotations, slang, offensive language, sexist language; though see below), verbage (voice), repetition and redundancy, sentence structure (fragments, dangling modifiers, parallelism), et al. Here is what I do not do, unless otherwise requested. First, I do not perform substantive edits. Operatively put, I do not return papers with comments on whether, say, paragraphs or sentences are distributed throughout in varied lengths. Second, I tend not to comment on terminology unless there is a glaring error. For example, if your paper is on Aristotle's Parva Naturalia and you use the term 'realism' when 'naturalism' is what you need, then I will comment with suggestions on how you might want to explain the big word used. I go through papers at least three times. The first read is for copyedits, the second for revising and clarifying those edits, and the third is for content. Samples of proofread papers are available upon request.