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nick Farzeena
country Sri Lanka
languages English, Sinhalese, Tamil


I have done my primary to higher education in English medium, completed my ordinary and advanced level examinations at Republican International School.

Scored an 'A' distinction pass for English Language at  the ordinary and advanced level examinations,and a credit pass for English Literature,certificates approved by the education department and  government of Sri Lanka.

Awarded with a certificate of distinction for English Language at the examinations held by the All Island International Schools Association.

Awarded with a certificate of distinction in prose reading and a certificate of commendation in television news reading , organized and held by the British and International Federation of Festival of Music, Dance and Speech UK.

Served as a senior prefect at School.

Currently occupied in completing a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.

I have an experience of two years of teaching at Republican International School.

I conduct private classes for students who seek one on one classes and I have been doing it for the past two years.


Experience: 3 years

About me

When it comes to English,grammar plays the most vital role.Whether it be writing or speaking, good grammar develops exact fluency. English being a global language it is very important for each person to be well versed in English,  simply speaking or writing what you know is not enough, but well versed and exact fluency is of English is further more. Perfect grammar and proper use of the tense is what that will polish your speaking and writing of English.

I was an English Literature teacher and tutor as well, so I will be able to help anyone with doubts regarding to the subject.

Being a young tutor I will prove my best to understand the needs of the contemporary students and help them accordingly. I have adapted  a simple ,  exact and friendly style of teaching, and I make sure to fulfill my duties without any boredom.