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nick LuckyGabriel
country Hungary
languages English, German, Hungarian


I was studying in the United Kingdom and then I was working in a multinational environmnet but I realized that I have a natural inclination to teach. In the past few years I have taught business English and GMAT because I enjoy solving questions. But I think my greatest achievement will always be when I can help YOU in YOUR development. My business BSc and MSc degrees help me to manage the GMAT QUANT questions. My degrees in law and international relations allow me to deal with the complexities of the GMAT VERBAL problems. This way I can help you reach your goals!

Experience: 3 years

About me

GMAT is a complex test, which is hard to conquer. But beleive me: it is built on easy-to-understand concepts! With my help, you will be able to understand and learn these effective skills that will vastly increase your GMAT performance. Besides the fundamentals, I will show you the strategies that will enhance your performance. And let’s not forget the simple tricks that make complex GMAT problems easy to tackle.

I offer a compehensive GMAT course that covers both the quantitative and the verbal parts of the tests. The score of these parts count in the end. Upon request I can teach you ways to deal with the GMAT Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning parts.

I have prepared the general framework of the course but I can tailor it according to your needs. Are you better at Math problems? We can take the fast course! Is English your second language? We will spend more time together to develop your skills to tackle the verbal problems. Are you going for a 700+ score? We can take on the special problems too in every GMAT section.

From the leading GMAT books I have chosen the best ways to tackle GMAT problems and I also devised special techniques that will help you along the way.

GMAT Quantitative

Don’t be afraid from these math problems! They seem to be difficult, but they never exceed the level of high-school math questions. However, the formulation of these questions can be quite complicated plus you don’t have much time to solve them. Besides the basic math concepts, I will teach you the right strategy to tackle one problem and plan your whole Quant session.


For this you’ll get the Ultimate Math Concepts Collection that encompasses all the knowledge you need.

Besides that we’ll deal with the Data Sufficiency Strategy Guide because that section.

You will face real GMAT questions to get used to the format.


GMAT Reading

During the course you’ll learn how to find the key words and expressions in these highly complicated texts. Separate strategies will be applied to short and long texts. You’ll be able to analyse the questions and eliminate wrong answers quickly. You don’t need to understand everything in the text, you only have to find the correct answer!

GMAT Sentence correction

GMAT can grammar can be very tedious as it often differs  from common language. But I’ll show you how to tackle these long sentences, eliminate the wrong answers easily. I’ll also provide you the Ultimate list of Idioms. This includes 99% of the idioms that appear in the GMAT tests.

GMAT Critical reasoning

We’ll classify the differnt types of questions. After the proper classification of these questions it is important to learn the process how to solve them. You’ll practice how to solve each type of problems. You need critical thinking, but you shouldn’t worry too much! With the right tactics, you will progress quickly.

GMAT General strategy

You’ll learn how to maximize your performance in a CAT (computer assisted) test.

I’ll give you tips how to use notes when dealing with GMAT problems.

You need to manage your time! Therefore, it is important todiscuss the different time management strategies.


Publications used in the course:

The Official GMAT Review

The Official GMAT Quantitative Review

The Official GMAT Verbal Review

Manhattan GMAT Study Guide Series

The GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible


If you have questions, feel free to ask! And don’t forget, the first 30-minute lesson is free!