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nick Mr.EvanHorlick
country Czech Republic
languages English


My experience has provided me with the instinct to be open-minded and grow every day in all aspect of life. Inherent motivation enhanced my inclination to learn quickly and be autodidactic. In self-learning music, multitudes of software, and my ongoing learning of the Czech language, I preserved strong organizational skills and a high attention to detail. Through educational, professional, and extracurricular experiences I gained the capacity to: work well with others and follow directions; communicate effectively with large groups or individuals;  stay calm under pressure; and to adapt and be flexible. My objective is to earn a demanding job suitable for my abilities, potential, and experience. I have a BA in Film Studies, a Film Audio Post-Production diploma, and a Modern Musician Specialization with Berklee College of Music.

Experience: 15 years

About me

Online Guitar Lessons anywhere in the world

Music is a beautiful skill for expressing one's self. It is a language that will stay with you for life. Not only is it expressive, music is also healing, spiritual, inspiring, and so much more. Through my experience as a guitarist, songwriter, and teacher I wish to spread my love of music to everyone who wishes to play an instrument or improve on their skills.

Lessons are open to all levels, including those who have never picked up a guitar as well as advanced players looking to further develop their musical abilities. Children lessons, adult lessons, solo lessons, partner lessons, and group lessons are all available. Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Lessons are designed to be fun. I believe it is extremely important for the student to feel comfortable, enjoy their musical experience, and have lessons taught in a clear and understandable way. Therefore students have the choice of enjoying lessons in the comfort of their homes, or at the teacher's if preferred. 

I have been playing guitar for over 15 years, since my childhood, and I continue every day to develop my musical skills. It is my desire to share my love of music and guitar with interested students. I am able to teach many genres of guitar, ranging from Blues, Folk, Rock, Pop, and more. I wish to facilitate and motivate students to reach their musical potential and always have fun!

"Where words fail, music speaks."

-Hans Christian Andersen