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nick Teacherstan
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Hello I am an English Teachers . My full name is Stanley George Powell my friends call me Stan. I am an English man; I am a young fifty eight years old. I have worked as an English teacher now for over 3 years in Thailand.

I have taught English to all levels starting with 4 to 5 years old Super tots… 6 to 12 years old and 15 to 16 years old, studying conversation ... phonics…pronunciation.< /p>

My method of teaching is based on the fun element, music especially, as I was in England  a professional singer and children’s entertainer.

I am proficient in using PowerPoint and Word.

And will make my lesson plans.  

I would like to tell you about my classroom lesson structure… I use a set way of teaching my class, I find the students like the set routine method as I do too. Discipline is number one, and at the beginning of every class, all distractions are removed i.e. things on desks, pens books etc. then the class can begin with greetings, then a warm up activity i.e. song or video depending on their ages. Review last topic taught. Then have the students shout out chorally the Sight words from previous lessons.

Then i teach the new topic.

I believe in students learning the new English words, should work in pairs or groups and chorally too. Giving them the confidents to stand up and speak the dialogue in front of the class.

I use a method called the Question and Answer chairs...using two chairs… Right is the Question chair, Left is the Answer chair. Have the two students sit down and then converse using the dialogue given to them. After the dialogue has been said the students change chairs and speak again. Some students will be picked to do this with a fun game i.e. pick four students, invite them to stand at the front of the class, have them blow balloons up last two students to achieve the task, will sit in the chairs and speak the dialogue. I take note of the student’s names and make sure all the students will take part over the coming weeks. Then at the end of the class an activity based on the topic. And at the very end of the lesson I will review the topic again, and then the lesson is finished. Having achieved what I wanted the students speaking English.

I am a big believer in one to one.

When testing a student, it is a good time to use this method.

To close I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I was born in England in the county of south Yorkshire, a coal mining village, I married at 20 years old to the mother of my four children who sadly died at the age of thirty seven years old of Cancer. I took care of our four children; they are all grown up now. Then I married a Thai lady eight years ago.  And through the meeting of my Thai wife I found Thailand.  Thailand gave me the chance to do something I am good at, and that is teaching children, and using music and fun and discipline they do learn. I am very passionate about teaching it’s not only a career to me it’s a chance to give the students a better future.

Sorry about the sad bit at the end, but you needed to know were my passion came from.   


                                Yours Stan Powell.     ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;



Experience: 4 years

About me

Hello i am from England, and i have been teaching English mostly in Thailand and Vietnam for over three years now. I love teaching and meeting people it  is great fun getting to know them and there cultures.

I make all my own lesson plans ,and i am a fun teacher, I love a conversation.

i believe in confidence building and that comes with trusting each other.

Have a great day hope to speak soon ....

                                                Teacher Stan.