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Learn Portuguese & Digital Marketing! Friendly Native Speaker :)

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nick DianaPortuguese
country Portugal
languages English, Portuguese


FREELANCER (www.dianamadalen o.branded.me)

Offering services such as:

Digital Marketing Consultancy;

Graphic Design;

Multimedia Content Creation


< p>COPYWRITING COURSE (College of Media and Publishing, UK)  

(currently enrolled) 

Co urse Subjects:  

- Blogging; 

- Advertising;

- Social media; 

- Press Releases. 



(Univer sity Degree; 2000-2006)


Experience: 1 years

About me

Hi, I'm Diana, a native European Portuguese speaker from Lisbon, Portugal. I love teaching and I am passionate about Digital Marketing and the "Laptop Lifestyle"! I can help you improve your Portuguese conversational skills by talking with you about strategies that you can implement if you want to become a Freelancer or Entrepreneur and want to create and promote an online business. 

I follow many influential blogs that teach Language Learning & Digital Marketing tips and hacks and I can also adapt my sessions to your specific interests and needs. 

Plus, you'll find I'm pretty friendly and easy-going! :) I also love to talk about other things like Parenting, Personal Development, and Writing (becoming a published author is on my bucket list!)

Here are two testimonials from previous happy customers:


from Dmitry Bondarev (CEO at GeorG Corporation): 

Diana is the most reliable, professional and helpful marketing specialist I've been working with lately.(...) Now she's teaching me how to blog, where to publish and how to manage my publications in social media. Diana also manages the proofreading on my articles and gives me tons of marketing ideas. So many skills in one dynamic woman! 


from Rossi Dimitrova (Founder/Coach at WomensLifeLab):

... (Diana) has also given me wonderful insights on social media strategy for my new business. I can't wait to work with Diana again and highly, highly recommend her!





- You can tell me why you want to learn Portuguese and we will get started right away! 

- We can talk in Portuguese all the time or mix it with English, depending on your Portuguese language skills;

- If you have a specific business goal for your Freelancing / Entrepreneurial Project,  I will share with you several strategies and tips that you can use to make your project a success: tips regarding social media marketing, public relations, influencer outreach, cold emailing, copywriting, landing page design, search engine optimization (S.E.O.), etc.

- If you don't have a specific business idea I'll be more than happy to talk to you about several success stories that I know about and we can work together to find the perfect online business for you.

- We can also approach other topics, if you wish. 


I'm looking forward to talk with you! :) You can schedule a free 30-minute chat with me! 

Website - www.dianamadaleno.branded.me

Twitter - www.twitter.com/DianaDMadaleno 

Skype: diana.madaleno

I'm looking forward to talk with you! :) You can schedule a free 30 minute chat with me!