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nick chandutsekhar
country India
languages English, French, Hindi, Telugu



Chandra Sekhar




  • Permanent Address


S/o. Narasimha Rao

Plot No. 10&11 Nirvana Mahesh jewel G1 pragati nagar Near MNR school,

Hyderabad-5000 72.


&nb sp;    Mobile: 91-99 85509958

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  • work Experience

7 years


&Osl ash;  Personal Information


  • Date of Birth: 02-FEB-1984
  • &n bsp;

    • Sex: Male


    • Nationality:India n


    • Marital Status:Married


      Languages Know: English, Hindi, Telugu, Frecnh

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    Ø  Hobbies


    • Playing and Watching Cricket


    • Listening Music


    • Proficie nt in:

    < strong> 

  • Teaching French
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  • Post Graduation -  Master Of Commerce from Nagarjuna University,
  • &n bsp;     (2004-2006)

    &nbs p;

    • Grad uation – Bachelor of Commerce from Nagarjuna University,(2001-2004)
    • < /ul>


      • 12th from Board of Intermediate (1999-2001)

      &n bsp;

      • 10 th from Secondary School Education (1998-99)

      &nbs p;

      Work Experience

      • De aling with all curriculums
      • Handling students from various international schools i.e. MERDIAN, OAKRIDGE, CHIREC,ROCK WELL.
      • Condu cting crash course for the intermediate, Graduation.such as, BBA.
      • Providing one on one tutoring services to students in the privacy of their homes. Tutored in French. Tutoring grades All.
      • Tutored and assessed students needing supplemental help with schoolwork and study habits.
      • Utilized resources such as computer programs, books, and other teachers to assist students in learning, studying and problem solving.
      • Analyzed and maintained records of student's progress to teach to individual needs.
      • Created documents to better assist students.
      • Created an organized, structured and productive work environment Provided accommodations for students with   special needs.
      • Maintains order in the classroom.
      • Conductin g small tests monthly for checking their development and    grasping status.
      •  As per performance giving more attention to weak children.

      &nbs p;


      Key Skills

      •  Or al and Written communication skills
      •  compute r skills
      •  Fast learner
      •  Organi ze files
      •  Leadersh ip
      •  Adaptable when working on any machinery
      •  Good teaching skills.
      •  Explai ning power.
      •  Polite in nature.
      •  Have patience.

      &nbs p;

      The above achievements are a measure of my sincerity and capabilities to work in teams and successfully execute any enterprising work. My capabilities enhance my confidence of my deliverables. With the right combination of your needs and my capabilities, I trust, we together can achieve the goal. 


                                                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

       &nbs p;    Place  : Hyderabad.

         ;    Date  :      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      ;      (Chandra Sekhar Tiruveedula)

      Experience: 5 years

    About me

    Hello my name is Chandra sekhar. I am a French teacher. I stays at Hyderabad. Right know I am Teaching for IGCSE,ICSE,CBSE etc.. For all grades, and any body interest to learn French I am assisting for them.