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English As a Second Language

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nick barnabasnagy
country Hungary
languages English, Hungarian


University of Pecs

Experience: 20 years

About me

I'm a fluent English speaker but not a native speaker. If you're looking for a native English speaker, that's not me.

My forte is helping you learn English in the same way as I've learnt it. A native speaker is great to help you with pronunciation and conversation. But they've never had to learn English as you do. They learnt it as babies and little kids from their mothers. It's their first language.

I've been in your situation as I only started to learn English in school as a second language 20 years ago. Well, I hated English in school. My turning point was when I got a new English teacher who divided the high school class to beginners and advanced learners. This teacher put me into the beginner's division. It made me furious!

That was the moment when I made up my mind to do anything to get to the advanced division. I started to learn English on my own and really wanted to understand it. I'm a logical person so I had to find logic in what I've been learning. I borrowed books after books from the local library until I put the puzzles together and found the logic in it.

My English was improving and shortly thereafter I got to the advanced division. Not only that, I successfully passed the national advanced English exam, which made me exempt from taking the English final exam. Based on my success I applied for English major at the University of Pecs and got admitted. Last year I returned from the UK where've been living and working for 6 years.

This is why my approach to English is methodical. If you're a learning English as a second language I'll know how to help you - as I learnt English as a second language, too. I've tutored numerous students like you who successfully passed English language exams.

Be prepared to talk about your hobby and things that you love. That's one of the best ways to learn another language through what you already love doing. Watching and reading news that interests you is crucial. And having a penpal or a chat partner can make you learn super fast.

I can teach one on one or a class.