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nick AlidaOdendaal
country South Africa
languages Afrikaans, English


University of the Free State, South Africa:

    Ph.D. (Physics) - 2015
  • *M.Sc. (Physics) - 2012
  • *B.Sc.Hons (Physics) - 2009
  • *B.Sc. (Geology and Physics) - 2008

U niversity of South Africa:

    *Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior Phase and Further Education and Training), with specialization in Physical Science and Mathematics.

* Qualifications obtained with distinction.

Experience: 10 years

About me

I am an astrophysicist, currently working as a university Physics lecturer and researcher.  I am also a qualified high school teacher in the subject areas of Physical Science and Mathematics.

Physics is a fascinating field, and also forms the basis of the other natural sciences.  Physics not only helps us to understand the world and universe around us, but also develops problem solving skills that are invaluable for students even if they do not end up pursuing a career in natural sciences.

Like with Mathematics, most Physics concepts require a good understanding of previous work in order to master new work.  Unfortunately, some students miss a few building blocks here and there during their school years, leading to dropping grades and frustration on the side of the student. The good news is that these building blocks can be restored if you are motivated and have someone to guide you through the process of mastering those areas that you find the most challenging.  That is what I am here for!

I have a passion for teaching, and I believe that one-on-one tutoring is the key to restoring academic achievement for students experiencing problems in Physics.  My current employment involves teaching Physics to university students on a daily basis, but since 2006 I have also tutored numerous high school students in the subject areas of Science and Mathematics.  I am a fluent English speaker and a good communicator.

When you book a class with me, I will need the following information from you: in which year of high school/college/university you are, and which topic(s) you would like to be addressed during the class.  I do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach for tutoring, but rather that the class should be focussed on the needs of the student, in order to address the specific problems he/she experiences.