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nick Arcane1729
country United Kingdom
languages English


  • MMATH (Master of Mathematics) University of Oxford (Pending)


  • A Level Mathematics A*
  • A Level Further Mathematics A*
  • A Level Physics A*
  • AS Level Chemistry A
  • GCSE Maths A*
  • GCSE Physics A*
  • GCSE Chemistry A*
  • GCSE Biology A*
  • GCSE English Literature A*
  • GCSE English Language A*
  • GCSE French A*
  • GCSE Electronics A*
  • GCSE History A*
  • GCSE Religious Education A*

I have had experience tutoring GCSE maths and A Level Maths and Further for the last summer in London. I also tutored KS3 students whilst in my sixth form.
I will be most keen to apply as a tutor the learning and teaching techniques that I have found to be effective whilst as a student.

Online Experience:
-Tutored a International Chinese Student applying for maths at Oxford during summer of 2015 via "Teamviewer"(student received offer to read maths at University of Oxford)
-I have had much experience learning online as a student- mostly when I was applying to university myself. I often watched videos such as Khan Academy so I know what a great online learning experience feels like. Even now while at university I regularly use things like MIT opencourseware for video lectures and the slightly more interactive format too to supplement my live classes, tutorials and lectures.
I will be most keen to apply as a tutor the learning and teaching techniques that I have found to be effective whilst as a student.

Experience: 6 years

About me

I am a second year Mathematics Undergraduate at Balliol College, Oxford University.In school I was very keen on extracurricular maths- I achieved a distinction in the British Mathematical Olympiad Round 1. I obviously have experience with the Oxford Mathematics Admissions Test. I am also very happy to teach the IB syllabus. I stay in Oxford throughout the year and am especially available during the summer for those who want to prepare for their November MAT and December Interviews. Otherwise happy to Skype or do online lessons via Tutorhunt .

Tutoring Approach
Friendly and very encouraging. I have had experience giving remedial lessons to younger students falling a little behind at school and also to stronger students so can adapt approach well.  One challenge is students who doubt their abilities or are afraid to get a question wrong. I constantly encourage that mistakes are okay, and they shouldn`t be afraid to tackle a difficult problem. I often find that it takes a lot of experimenting with stupid, less fruitful ideas in order to reach a brilliant one. Prompt when stuck and hold belief that it is the journey to solving the problem that is most important than the final answer and most fun of course :) Despite being guilty of not doing this many times in my young mathematical career- It is important to realise that Mathematics is not a spectator sport- much of learning comes from actively solving many problems and having bravery to explore the subject alone sometimes.  

Extracurricular Interests
Watching and Playing Football, Videogames