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nick language.lover
country Ukraine
languages English, German, Russian, Ukrainian


I strongly believe that the main change in my life happened just after entering the university where I found out my greatest passion – learning foreign languages, and consequently - teaching them. The process of studying helped me understand that there are no boundaries for discovering the world and yourself. It is just a matter of laziness or desire to work hard for bringing to light the greatest treasures of your soul. During summers I never stayed at home – I searched for more opportunities to discover my inner world and decided to take part in a social project in Germany. It brought about positive changes in my personality, as I got a great deal of life and professional lessons: how to work in a multinational team, how to adjust to new conditions and circumstances and how to socialize with people of different backgrounds and interests.

All my life experiences taught me to move in the direction of my dreams, never give up and believe in what I do. I am honest and straightforward; moreover, I feel I have an inner strength to face challenges and overcome them. I am willing and eager to realize my potential to the fullest. I think positively about life situations because I believe that thoughts create our reality. I am trying to regard life obstacles optimistically, as I truly believe that they are small difficulties on the way to reach life-changing goals and dreams. Consequently, a significant point is to think critically about what is going on around you, as this leads to the realization of problems and, therefore, making changes.

I am open to new experiences and I believe that my work is valuable and worthwhile because I do everything with responsibility and devotion. I am ambitious and confident to make a positive impact on people as my strong willpower can inspire and motivate others.

Experience: 4 years

About me

If you already started to open a stunning world of English or only embarking on this exciting journey, you will need not just to practice it in order to speak fluently but to gain enough knowledge of how to express your thoughts in a proper way to be understood correctly. Believe me or not, people (especially like me:)) pay attention to BOTH your vocabulary AND grammar even if you're trying to undervalue any of these language components. Sometimes it may look like a boring process with tedious rules and millions of exceptions, but I'll do my best to show various ways of studying when you work not solely with well-structured books but also with up-to-date online resources in a productive and amusing way. In the era of the Internet, we shouldn't neglect its help but take advantage of it :)

So, you're very welcome to try out the first short lesson with me. It's a great chance to make sure that I'm the right teacher for you. And for me - to rate your English level and to suggest the approximate plan for our future lessons based on it.

Hopefully see you very soon, and just have a wonderful day!

P.S. Don't forget your good mood and a charming smile!:)