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nick JosephW
country United States
languages English, Hebrew


I have taught Hebrew for the volunteer organization called HaYovel.  The last four winters we've held an intense Hebrew study course that I've been privileged to teach at.  Every year I'm inspired to continue my own studies and even more so to encourage and help others to learn the amazing Hebrew language.

I am not a native Hebrew speaker, but I feel that this gives me a teaching advantage in some ways since I understand the usual struggles that English speakers have in grasping the Hebrew language.  Some of this knowledge comes from my own struggles when starting to learn Hebrew, and some of it comes from teaching Hebrew for the volunteer organization that I first visited Israel with.  I have also published a book on Hebrew learning.  I was inspired to write this book because of my own struggles to find Hebrew instruction that really started at the very beginning, and didn't jump ahead too quickly.

I've taught Hebrew in a classroom setting with up to 25 students (from all age groups), and also via an online collaboration program.   I especially love helping beginners get started with Hebrew, because I know how hard that part is on your own.

Please feel free to contact me for more info etc. I'll do my best to respond within one day.


Experience: 4 years

About me

My name is Joseph, I teach modern Hebrew, I can accept absolute beginner to advanced intermediate Hebrew students.  I especially love teaching beginners, I enjoy helping people overcome the initial hump of learning a new language.

Whether you're looking for some help with a class you're taking or looking for a full time tutor, I'd be happy to help in any possible way.  If you would like a free test lesson, just let me know.

I do believe in the Bible, and I would happily supplement classes with Biblical texts if the student is interested.  However I do not teach religion/or Biblical Hebrew, and the focus of the class would always be the Hebrew language.

Please feel free to contact me for more info etc. I'll do my best to respond within one day.