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Would you like to organize your Erasmus in Gran Canaria easily? I'll help you!

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nick galuconti
country Spain
languages English, Spanish


About me: I am 32 years old, more than ten years of experience as a personal assistant giving support to Managing Directors and special projects with a high degree of efficiency; point person for managers, sales teams, clients and vendors to ensure proper lines of communication in multinational companies.

   Currently, I work as a freelance Spanish writer and corrector.

   I have a Tourism degree, a Master in Management and HR and am a Senior Technical in Business Communication Protocol and Institution.

   I speak English and Italian.

 I have excellent communication skills, problem resolution abilities and confidentiality; knowledge in business protocol and organization of events. I manage social media in an expert level too.

Experience: 10 years

About me

Are you organizing your Erasmus period in Gran Canaria?

Are you facing some problems for the organization at the distance? For example: Are you looking for accommodation? Shared? Close to the university? In the city? Oceanfront?

Your level of Spanish is good? Or mimicry is your best ally?
Do I follow?

Do not stress! I can help you with everything! And the best, I'm a Spanish Teacher in Gran Canaria!

I'd like you to focus on what matters most: the great experience that you will live!

The rest, we can make it easier than it seems.

Take it easy and contact me. I can help you with your Spanish and with the organization of your trip.

On one hand, I know the island. I live here.

On the other hand, I have been a Personal Assistant for more than ten years. I’m sure, I can help you to organize your trip, your stay and to solve all your doubts about the adventure…

Finally, the language it is very important. Which is your level? If your level is basic, you have to improve it. If your level is intermediate, you should practice more. If your level is advanced, please, don’t lose your fluently speaking! I can help you with all of this.

I can prepare a program for your specific needs! I can give you Spanish classes in which you practice and improve your Spanish. Simultaneously, We will organize your trip and stay in Gran Canaria. What do you think?

Don’t keep stuck! Prepare the more exciting adventure of your live: Erasmus in Gran Canaria!

You will experience your dream of living abroad in a foreign culture. You will meet new people and learn a foreign language. You don’t need to stress now nor then.

You will enrich your studies in order to have better chances for a job in the future! Do not waste your time on complex issues and concentrate in improving your Spanish and put in order your projects, in instance.

You will share your ideas with other students from all around the world. Translate your projects to the language of the country you will visit. Or at least, translate the main idea of them. It is your big opportunity to share them and look for development!

You will do an internship abroad and learn co-operative work. Concentrate in having fluently Spanish and good communication skills.

Have you ever heard that life won’t be the same after Erasmus? Believe it!

I live in Gran Canaria. Life is wonderful here! Not only because of the weather and the sea but also because of people. Spanish people is open and welcome foreigners. You will learn a lot from the culture. In addition, the city is very safe. Then, you will be able to visit other areas of Spain and Europe…

Wow… You have a lot to think… Count on me!

I would like to share with you this interesting article in Spanish, of course: “70 cosas que me hubiese gustado saber antes de irme de Erasmus”.

Remember: Information is the first step of your project.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


skype: gabriela.velazquez.recupero