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nick Laurenn
country Philippines
languages English





ESL Teacher

Acadsoc(July 2015-March)

  • Pro vides standard ESL courses to our Chinese students (from children to working adults) using our online teaching system.
  • Taught English to Chinese students of all ages
  • Utilized the Direct Method teaching model to improve students grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking skills
  • Planned and taught between 8-10 classes daily


ESL Teacher

51 Talk(June 2015-July 2015)

  • Taught English online to Chinese students of all ages
  • Utilized the Direct Method teaching model to improve students grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking skills
  • Helped clients achieve their goals and conducted business with utmost fairness and integrity.

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ESL Teacher

PLC English Center(May 2014-June 2015)

  • Taught English to Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Mongolian students of all ages
  • Prepared classes using provided materials and personal teaching materials
  • Focus on improving students grammar, listening, writing, reading and speaking skills
  • Created quizzes and exams that were used by all teachers throughout the organization
  • As a classroom teacher, built rapport with students and families from a wide range of cultural backgrounds.
  • Created trusting atmosphere though sensitivity to students' strengths, weaknesses, and personal learning styles.
  • Engaged students through humor and activities designed for maximum interaction in large and small groups.
  • Developed curriculum that was appropriate to student's learning abilities and reflected their needs and interests.
  • Achieved maximum results by breaking down seemingly large learning tasks into meaningful and manageable segments.

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ESL Teacher

Restart, Freelance, Private tutoring(January 2012-May 2014)

  • Prepared and taught Vietnamese and Japanese 1-on-1 online and face to face classes.
  • Taught with the textbooks
  • Administer corrections and conducting effective instruction during the classes
  • Provided and checked assessments and tests for the students

Experience: 3 years

About me

* teaching materials used by our tutors to gauge the student’s level
* each material has speaking, grammar and reading exercises
* for each level, there are 3-4 sets of teaching materials a tutor can choose from


* teaching materials for students who study English mainly for the purpose of traveling
* with dialogues, some useful vocabulary words and interesting topics about various travel destinations and tourist attractions



* teaching materials mostly created for the corporate users of the school
* featured words and expressions can be used as fillers
* featured song can be an alternative teaching material for students who are into music
* featured photo materials are mainly for discussion and are aimed at helping students further improve their speaking skills in English
* high school project materials have engaging conversation topics for teenagers
* featured quote can be used by tutors to help practice the student’s comprehension, grammar and speaking skills