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Learn Object Oriented Programming Languages

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nick udeshkumarganesan
country Spain
languages English, Hindi, Tamil


I strongly believe my strength and ability in approaching things different. Life is short and lots happen like a see saw within a short period of time. I got succeed and become happy in  my life and equally, I face troubles. So, what I learned at that time was that I got to take things easy and be neutral . It's does not a matter whether it's win or loss, but for sure next time you going to change the things.

Now coming to my studies and experience; I did Diploma and a bachelor's degree in Information Technology in India. My field of  interest is "Object Oriented programming language" and "System design". During my University days, I started to do service oriented projects like Examination Information System and Classroom Attendance online. Also, participated in several seminars.  As years passed, those kind of small projects, participation turned out to be more curious and the curiosity driven me to pursue higher studies. Thankfully, I got wonderfull opportunity to do Masters in Software Engineering in Technical University of Madrid, Spain which is one of the finest University in the world. 

To say about my life and activities; I always try new things and I believe that my work is valuable and worthwhile because I do everything with responsibility and devotion. Moreover, I am well prepared both mentally as well as physically. Apart from that, I love to do social service. 

 My final words;  " When you learn geomentry in mathematics look all the angle and all the sides, the idea is just not only to get solution it's about how deep you focus"  


Experience: 2 years

About me

I understand how to swtich on and switch off the computer when during the beginners class in C and C++. Also, It tooks much time to type simple text in the text editor but then slowly I begun to Operate Computers. So, take things easy; it's always good to understand techniquies applied in Object Oriented Programming language (OOPs) before going to do programming. 


Let's discuss more about OOPs!