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Science / Chemistry

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nick DanielJHaj
country United Kingdom
languages English


I have been tutoring both maths and chemistry for four years. In that time I have taught at every level in Chemistry. (University, A-level, GCSE and Key Stages 1-3)
For maths I teach at all levels but University.

For all the years I've been tutoring, I always get my students to reach their target grades or above (Most above). 

I have taught over 15 students; so I do believe that for my age (22 years old), I have a very good reputation in teaching.

I learnt from the best and I deliver the best.


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Experience: 4 years

About me

Starting from the very early ages, I developed the interest in demonstrating my knowledge to others, instructing them to think on my wavelength. This I believe initiated my interest in teaching, leading me towards tutoring younger students by the time I reached eighteen years old. I’ve been teaching both maths and chemistry for four years running in both lower and higher stages of education. With the help of my father who himself was a lecture, I constructed an extremely efficient standard of teaching, which to this day has not only given me the experience of a life-time, but helped all my students reach beyond their goals. To maintain my high standards, I’m continuously modifying my approach to create different, yet better ways to convey meaning to students with different learning style.


The best standards of teaching requires a brief, yet explicit details into any subject, which can be delivered in a very simplified manner, and then for the remaining duration to go through as many exam based questions as possible.

The students achieve the following:

1. The ability to understand the topic at hand 100%

2. The ability to understand how to answer any question in an exam format

3. The confidence to start asking more difficult concepts in any topic

4. To start thinking outside the box (i.e. applying more than one topic in an exam question)


I take my role as a tutor very seriously, this is not just a job, it is a privilege. I expect my students to develop this mind-set into each lesson.

The one thing I promise to all who choose me; successful career options.