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nick Swarupananda
country India
languages English


I have an experience of more than 5 years now, in giving private tuitions to school students and college goers and working professionals. I am a lawyer by profession and I love to teach english language and I strongly believe that due to the lack of knowledge in grammar, the language is not well-spoken and well-written and hence, one must give some time and effort in knowing the grammar of the language for his/her respective career.. 

Experience: 5 years

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"Grammar" is the body of rules that guides a language. Grammar is the most important part in any language. You might be speaking well and well-manageable to make yourself understood but unless you know the grammar of the language , your speech/writing might not be perfect. In order to speak correct and write correct, you should know and practise the grammar of the language you are speaking in. Once you know the grammar, you can never find yourself in doubt about the correct parts of speech. You will be confident enough to speak not only fluently but correctly as well. And well, fluency comes by practice and so does grammar. So learn and practise english grammar as much as you can if you really wish to master the language. English grammar is not only necessary for students but for professionals as well, especially in this world where english has become a global language and outnumbered all the other languages in terms of its usage.