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nick rafaeldebelen
country Philippines
languages English


I have a Bachelor's degree in Advertising Arts from one of the top universities in the Philippines.

In my early years, I have worked in the call center industry where I had to speak and write in English when dealing with customers and clients as part of the job description.The skills I learned are useful and beneficial to my students because these skills that I have developed in my years in the industry are patience, building rapport and attentiveness which are catered  to the needs of the student. In turn, this will provide a conducive learning environment and a positive experience for the student.

In addition , I already have first hand experience as an Online English Tutor here in the Philippines where I worked part time as an online English tutor for years.I taught the English language to my foreign students from Japan using Skype so I know how to handle and execute my lesson plans in an orderly manner. I also learned how to prepare lesson plans and how to deal with different kinds of students who are just starting out,different age groups and different skill levels. My teaching style is understanding the wants and needs of the students and how to effectively cater to each need in the best possible way on each session.

Furthermore, my vast experience also provides a lot of positive things for my students which involves interpersonal interactions  dealing with handling people and conveying your lesson or message visually or verbally in the best possible way. This includes a large array of techniques and strategies to help retain the interest of the audience(or students) and provide value while building a long term relationship with the student.

I always adopt this in my class and never did I forget to ask for feedback for its the best straight forward way of  knowing where to improve. Usually this is a clear cut way of knowing what actions to takes and what priorities to reach in order to make an even better teaching experience for the next session.

Experience: 2 years

About me

I’m an excellent English speaker from the Philippines where I teach the English language to my students in written and oral form.

I'm a friendly, fun-loving, professional and dedicated  online English teacher who loves to help my students reach their language goals in the best way possible by taking the time to get know the wants and needs of each student. It has always been my passion to teach people.

Teaching is one of my passions. It gives me great gratification and genuine pride  that I was able to help my students learn something meaningful to them and the fact  that they are passionate about the language and how that skill they have gained gives them the means to reach their goals and aspirations.

 I’m looking forward to sharing my vast experience and knowledge accompanied with a fun teaching style to my students.