1-D and 2-D motion of an object (kinematics) Physics

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nick Sahil0234
country India
languages English, Hindi


I'm a third year mechanical engineering student at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. I teach IIT JEE aspirants in our area in my summer vacations. I have also helped my juniors to get into iit.

I myself had scored 103/120 in Jee in physics.

I love to solve problems in physics and maths. I've also tried coding and right now I'm also studying some online courses. In free time i like to play volleyball.

If you want to learn physics ; I'm here for you.

Experience: 2 years

About me

What is physics? Study of natural phenomenon, physical objects, their properties. Physics is not about just reading, it is a subject where you should be able to do any problem without mugging up formulas. Although there are certain equations which you'll have to memorise; but that's only because they are gonna help you save a lot of time while solving problems.

1-D and 2-D motion of an object is simple in terms of concepts;

But the problems in this area can be really tough. 

Q. A projectile is projected with a velocity of 39.2 m/s at an angle 30° to an inclined plane( inclined at an angle 45° to the horizontal) . find the range on incline when it is projected 1) upwards 2) downwards.     

Similar questions have been asked in IIT JEE . and it is just one type ofquestion; you will face these type of questions in your entrance examinations.

In these 4 lectures i will discuss all about 1D and 2D motion of an object from the basics and also discuss some questions and provide there stepwise solution.

I will also give the solution to the above question in the lecture.