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English Grammar and Mechanics

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nick cshipman
country United States
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I hold a BA in English from Arkansas State University and a MFA in creative writing from Louisiana State University. I have also spent time studying in Prague. My experience teaching English at a major university, at a community college, in an online classroom environment, and at a private high school has allowed me to teach students of diverse ages and backgrounds and at varying levels of expertise.

My current full-time teaching position is at a private high school which has an international student program. It has been my privilege to teach students from China, India, Germany, Greece, Mexico, and Italy. I am qualified to teach English grammar and mechanics, various modes of written and oral communication, literary analysis, and creative writing. If you need help with business English, academic English, or anything in between, I can work with you to help you achieve your goals.

I employ a student-centered approach to teaching that allows me to quickly learn what a student needs to know, what a student already knows, and how to best meet a student's needs. I position myself as both teacher and learner to cultivate a safe place in which students feel comfortable communicating their needs and concerns. I have had great success instilling students with the confidence necessary to ask the important questions that inform real learning.

Overall, I am a compassionate teacher who appreciates open communication and feedback. Teaching is the most rewarding experience I have. I look forward to sharing my passions with you. I am here to help!             

Experience: 10 years

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English grammar and mechanics may include instruction of the following skills as they apply to reading and composition: punctuation, sentence construction, syntax, subject-verb agreement, compound and complex sentences, and correct usage of adjectives, nouns, verbs, pronouns, adverbs, articles, prepositions etc.