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nick Phillippa
country United Kingdom
languages English


- I studied at one of the best schools in the world - OXFORD UNIVERSITY, graduating in 2010 with a BA in Music, Class 2.i (scoring a 1st in Performance & Analysis modules). During my degree, I was awarded two prizes for academic excellence. 

- I have also studied with faculty members of the Manhattan School of Music and Amsterdam Conservatoire (including Justin DiCiccocio, John Reilly, and Phil Markowitz), and received one-on-one tuition from nationally-renowned jazz musicians and educators Patrick Kelly, Stan Sulzmann, Mark Lockheart, and Ben Castle.

- I have 13 YEARS EXPERIENCE as a private tutor. 

- I have taught ALL AGES (elementary/primary school through to adults) and abilities (BEGINNER to ADVANCED).

- Subjects I've taught are:

  • English proficiency tests (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge YLE)

  • Business English

  • Academic English

  • English Conversation

  • English Grammar

  • University & Job Applications

  • SAT & ACT

  • GCSE & A Level (Music, Business Studies, Media Studies, Maths) 

  • K-12 Elementary School Curriculum

  • Bri tish Primary School Curriculum: English, Maths
  • Preschool: Early Numeracy & Literacy
  • Music Theory

  • Musical Analysis

  • Improvisation & Jazz

  • Saxophone

  • Piano 

- I've taught abroad (in Taiwan) for over three years so I'm adept at teaching non-nati ve speakers. 

 - I've worked in all kinds of SETTINGS at both public and private elementary & high schools (Charm Montessori School & Beaconsfield High School), universities (Reading University's BYJO), adult language centers (WHYGO Language Center), cram schools (Alexander Academy), and at businesses (iChef). 

Experience: 13 years

About me

~ What do YOU WANT to learn? ~

Whatever your goals are, I am ADAPTABLE and will change my teaching to fulfil your interests and learning needs. I am not one of those teachers who just stick to a book. Instead, I deliver PERSONALIZED lessons that are different for every student. As a former Montessori teacher, I support STUDENT-DIRECTED LEARNING (although my experience in CURRICULUM DESIGN enables me to create WELL-STRUCTURED LESSON PLANS as well). Every lesson I will consult with you and regularly evaluate your level so that I only teach you what you want/need to learn.

~ Do you quickly forget what you've learnt in lessons? ~

I aim to balance STRUCTURE with FLEXIBILITY by ensuring you REGULARLY REVIEW what we have covered in previous lessons. At the same time, my lessons are free-flowing so I can respond to what I notice you need to learn in the moment.

~ Remembering is easier when you're RELAXED! ~

Whilst I take my job very seriously, I also understand the importance of lessons being FUN & ENJOYABLE. Therefore, I create a learning environment that is PATIENT, MOTIVATING, and INTERESTING. Lessons can be as CASUAL or SERIOUS as you prefer, on a regular basis or more infrequently (my schedule is FLEXIBLE!).


Can you get all the answers right in your grammar book but still can't say a sentence without making mistakes?

I have the solution! Through my extensive experience in curriculum writing and a lot of trial-and-error, I have created a wide range of INNOVATIVE RESOURCES and EFFECTIVE EXERCISES that actually work! And I have the RESULTS to prove it (for example, all my IELTS students have reached their target score, which means the majority of them have scored a band 7 or over!). Doing tasks that are RELEVANT TO YOU and practicing in REALISTIC CONTEXTS, your English will improve in no time!

Struggling to communicate?

I can help you to improve your SPEAKING skills by teaching you idioms, slang, and customs of communication i.e. the culture of the language (all the things that a textbook can't teach you!). I can also improve your PRONUNCIATION in BRITISH and/or AMERICAN ENGLISH. And most importantly, I will help you build the CONFIDENCE you need to express yourself freely in English.

Are you often bored in English classes?

This is probably because your teacher is lecturing rather than ENGAGING with you. Alternatively, my educational approach is HIGHLY-INTERACTIVE encouraging students' ACTIVE PARTICIPATION in the learning process. Rather than just giving you material to memorize, I will guide you to work out the answers for yourself through the use of increasingly specific questions. By identifying your own mistakes, spotting patterns, and deducing rules, you will gain a much deeper UNDERSTANDING & INTERNALIZATION of what we're learning. What's more, I will help you to learn English through FUN, UP-TO-DATE, and PRACTICAL activities using the Internet (e.g. Youtube, social media websites, blogs etc.), pop music, TV & film clips, games, creative writing, social networking, etc.

Language teaching is not just about vocabulary and grammar!

I also provide my students STUDY TIPS & TECHNIQUES that aid understanding and memorization. I am skilled at making teaching and learning material SIMPLE & ORGANIZED, and I can show you how to do this for yourself so that you can master INDEPENDENT LEARNING