From Physical Principles to Olympiads

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nick jonas.v
country Lithuania
languages English, Lithuanian


I wanted to learn more beyond the school curriculum subjects and enhance my knowledge in natural science; therefore, I attended three other different national science schools held in the best Lithuanian universities. At "Physics Olympus" I learned experimental Physics and acquired strong theoretical background while at the Chemistry school "Knowledge" I boosted my practical skills working in university laboratories and broadened my theoretical knowledge. In "National Students Academy" not only have I extended my knowledge in Chemistry, but also, I have met the most talented students in the country, improved group working and cooperation skills, visited one of the "Thermo Fisher Scientific" centres and gained experience in Biochemistry. But still, the most important was the joy of solving challenging problems. I had a great encouragement from my parents to enter various competitions. Due to the success in the national Olympiads I had a chance to participate twice in an international logic Mathematics competition winners' camp. For a few years I have been joining the Lithuanian team during preparations for the International Chemistry and Physics Olympiads, which motivates me to pursue international awards. Thus, I was a participant of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) in Iran in 2012 and in India in 2013. In the latter I was awarded a Silver Medal. In 2015 I participated in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in India. My knowledge was awarded either Gold or Silver Medals in Physics and Chemistry National Olympiads every year. In the Mathematics and Biology National competitions I received honourable mentions.

Experience: 3 years

About me

100 out of 100 points from Physics State Exam - I did it! Now I want to give my knowledge to others, so do not hesitate to ask me if I can help you at any activity: homework, exam preparation or even olympiad topics. You can bu sure that you will understand my spoken english, because I have jus passed IELTS exam with 7.5 (equivalent to C1). I have also a lot of experience from Vilnius university, where I havebeen learning physics part-time for 3 years and got knowledge from basic mechanics, dynamics to thermodynmics, electricity and magnetism. Once again, just write me a message!