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nick LeonardoSchwartz
country Ecuador
languages English, Spanish


I've been a professional writer and speaker for more than 25 years. I personally trained hundreds of people oever the years.

Experience: 25 years

About me

Would you like to be more fluent in Spanish? Are you living or traveling abroad and need some insights in both Spanish language and culture? Need Spanish to get a promotion in your work?

I definitively can help you!

I'm not the average Spanish teacher. Not at all. I'm a power user of the language myself since on top of being a Spanish native speaker (from Argentina) I'm a professional writer and speaker too and that's why you'll be hard pressed to find a native speaker that has a better command of Spanish than mine.

I've also lived in various latinamerican countries including Argentina, Paraguay and Ecuador what gave me a deep knowledge of specific idioms used in each region and its culture. If you are thinking of traveling to or are currently living in some of these countries -or any other latinamerican country for that matter- this insight into latinamerican culture will probe to be truly invaluable.

On the academic side, my studies includes not only Spanish but Greek and Latin too so if you're interested in digging more on the origin of some words or the reason behind the structures we use in Spanish I'd be really glad to provide you the full explanation that the subject requires.

Being a writer by trade -both fiction and non-fiction- I can help you too with any writing work. I provide fiction and non-fiction writing tutoring too.

During classes I don't use English at all so you can benefit from the full inmersion in a Spanish-speaking enviroment but you can rest sure that English is always there as a backup if you need some extra help getting a concept, specially if you're just getting started with the Spanish Language.

I use a special video-conference platform that give us all pro teaching tools needed to make classes didactic and effective, as well as fun. I provide a video-recording of every class for you to be a ble to review any class later (hint: no other tutor does this!)

Feel free to book a FREE 20-minute lesson with me to chat about your particular needs.

I'm looking forward to help you to achieve your goals with the Spanish language quickly, smootly and in a fun, enjoyable way!