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15.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Vaibhav.Garg
country India
languages English, Hindi


Hindi being my mother tounge, I am well versed with this language and further having having a personal interest in using it wherever possible also makes me comfortable in using it in my speeches.

I am practising this language since my birth, however the interest grew in past for more then a decade or so since I was choosen by my school to orate and narrate our annual day events including anchoring in Hindi.



Experience: 15 years

About me

A native of India, I am an experienced Hindi tutor. For people looking to come to India or to understand our culture, literature, art or to acclimatize with our language, the regular words spoken and phrases being used here can be learnt easily. The teaching will include all the three types of language learning viz Read, Write and Speak.

Skype or Google hangout can be used at its best to interact. Wherever required sharing of files or folders, use of boards and markers will also be incooperated.

To make you understand fully there will be easy to moderate test sessions as well. But believe me they will be no less than fun.


Daily Sessions (Or sessions as per mutual convenience)

- 20 sessions of 1 hr each per month = $ 300/- p.m. @ $15 USD per hour

- 15 sessions of 1 hr each per month = $ 270/- p.m. @ $18 USD per hour

- 10 sessions of 1 hr each per month = $ 200/- p.m. @ $20 USD per hour

- 5 sessions of 1 hr each per month = $ 150/- p.m. @ $30 USD per hour

- 1 sessions of 1 hr @ $35 USD per hour


The course syllabus and tenure shall be based on your requirement, your proficiency and your zeal to learn.

Which may include starting from the basics of learning like knowing the alphabets, word making, sentence making, basic grammar, pronounciation, tests, word hearing, commonly used terms and sentences etc.